What are the benefits?

We supply Salt Candles, Salt Tiles, Salt Spa Items, and Salt Granules and also many other Salt products you may need. Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our customers and increase our reach. We believe this objective can be achieved by providing best quality, price and service to our customers.


Professionalism – we believe that it is the foundation of any business
Reliance – without reliance we could not develop a business
Loyalty – it is the basis for establishment of all human relationships
Responsibility – we take responsibility for everything we do

The keys for success of the company are

Excellent knowledge of all the products which are grown in this part of Ethiopia where the company is located
Excellent understanding of the customers’ requirements
Flexible solutions of the customers’ needs
Hard-work of all the members of the family
Competitive prices and high quality
Honesty and loyalty

Our Vision

We value our customers more than anything else. We want to utilize our knowledge in providing the best quality products from USA to our clients to satisfy their business requirements. We also want to establish a strong relationship with our potential clients as well as strengthen our bond with the current clients. We wish to comprehensive and trustworthy services to our clients every time they call us. We are committed for providing the best customer care service of this industry. We believe in going together as well as growing together.

Our Mission

• To offer complete satisfaction to our clients.
• Never compromising with the quality of the products.
• Provide on-time delivery of products.
• Keep the price competitive so that clients can afford them easily.
• Fulfilling our duties towards our community as well as our employees so that they can feel proud and happy to be a part of ATB Business LLC.